Drawer Organization Tips
What can you do with plastic craft canvas?


Family Room Makeover project.

We’ve given the wall a fresh coat of paint, new curtains, and new storage system. The sofa was in good shape, but the fabric was worn and the prints were dated. In order to keep the cost down, we keep the sofa, but have it recovered and added several colorful pillows to brighten up the room.

Sunny 的設計案件 – 家庭起居室改造與全新玩具收納系統設計




There were a lot of toy laying along the wall. By adding the kids storage system (from IKEA), all toys can now be stored inside the cabinets and drawers. The mom prefers not to have all the toys visible, so I designed the system with mostly drawers and cabinets covered with doors and only a few with open shelves for display.

We also preserve a long desktop for her young boys to play.

The curtains were changed and the wall was painted to give the room a fresh, updated look.

女主人希望大部分的玩具不要暴露在外,也不希望小朋友一次拿到太多玩具,所以 sunny 與女主人討論後,決定採用這套 IKEA 的兒童家具來做組合,大部分的櫃子都裝上門板,做玩具收納,只留少數開放的層版做樂高成品展示之用。





Now the toys are neatly stored in the drawers & cabinets.



board games

All the board games now have new home and are easy to be found.


board games-b

More pictures of the toy storage inside the drawers…


a2014-01-19 13.43.31

It’s always a good idea to use containers inside your storage system for better organization! Put like items together so the kids can find them easily and put away easily.

記得,你可以在收納系統之內再運用各種尺寸的容器來做更好的收納! 把類似的物品放在一起,方便小朋友取用與物歸原處。


a2014-01-19 13.43.38

This drawer is dedicated to DVDs, Wii games, and Wii game controllers. See how I use a shoe box to contain the controllers.

這個抽屜專門用來收納DVD 還有 Wii 的遊戲光碟與遙控器,遙控器有一個專門的塑膠盒來收納,就不會亂成一團了。

a2014-01-19 13.44.04



a2014-01-19 13.44.13

Use a larger container to store all the balls. There’re many Lego manual from different sets. I put them all into a big envelop and write LEGO on it and put it vertically to the side of the drawer. It hardly takes any space compared to the loose manuals everywhere.


a2014-01-19 13.44.19


a2014-01-19 13.44.47

This is the largest drawer and I put those long/large toys in here such as toy guns and tennis racks. Toy tent was folded and tucked away vertically.  I put in another plastic tub for all stuff toys.


a2014-01-19 13.45.11

Toy train storage in the baskets inside a large drawer.


a2014-01-19 13.45.19

Open shelves for displaying the cars! 3 colored mash baskets are for small cars! Extra wall shelves installed for assembled Lego pieces display.

開放的層架則是用來展示並同時收納各種的車子。三個彩色籃子中,則是收納小汽車! 牆上還釘了四個層版,用來展示完成的樂高作品。


Family Room Makeover – Final Touches with Minions

家庭起居室大改造: 黃色小小兵

All copyrighted by Sunny Juan, 版權所有,請勿轉載。

Drawer Organization Tips
What can you do with plastic craft canvas?

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