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Sunny’s project – Kitchen paper organization

This small counter top and cabinet below is part of a total kitchen re-organization project.  To organize the papers, we purchased a portable file folder for the papers and store it under the cabinet. It freed up the counter space and hide the paper clutter.

Sunny 的收納整理案件 – 廚房文件紙張整理

這是一個廚房重新收納整理的案件其中的紙類收納整理部分。用手提式的檔案收納盒來收納原本廚房裡的各種紙張 (折價券,小朋友的作業等等),把檔案盒收到下方櫃子裡,不但可以空出寶貴的檯面空間,廚房看起來也整齊多了





The paper were placed on the precious counter top and looked unsightly.



We bought this portable hanging file folder at Target for the homeowner to sort her papers and keep them in one place neatly. Homeowner put her bills and kids’ homework sheets in here.

我們在 Target 店裡買到這種攜帶式的檔案夾,讓女主人可以方便的把所有廚房的文件紙張,折價券,還有小孩的學校作業紙都分類放進來


The lid can be closed.



We placed the portable file folder under the counter top to free up the counter space. It can still be reached and moved to the island easily for work when needed. Related homework supplies were put into clear containers next to the file folders, so the kids can find them easily when they need to do their homework.


charging station

We then add a new “charging station” to the counter top, where the original paper pile was.  This desktop organizer was also from Target, it holds sticky notes, note pads & pens. The long slot on the back is the perfect place for charging iPad as the electrical outlet is right aboveit.

在原先檯面的紙堆處,取而代之的是新增加的 “充電中心”,這個收納容器也是在 Target 買到的,前面兩格可以放筆和便條紙,後面長條型空間,正好能放屋主的 iPad. 由於檯面上方正好就是插座,所以把充電中心設置於此是再適合不過的了。

The goal for organization is not just to “hide everything”, but to find the best places for the things you use, and find the best way/containers to organize them , so that you can find them when you need them, and put away easily when you are done.

收納的目的,不僅只是把東西都 “藏起來,眼不見為淨” 就好,而是把需要的東西,找到最適合收納的地點,方法與容器,在需要的時候,可以輕易取得,用完之後,可以容易放回。


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File Organization
Cloth Hangers Matter!

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