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After finishing the Family Room Makeover, I felt there’s still something missing on the wall…



First of all, let’s do a quick review on this wall. This was the BEFORE photo which you can see the home owner’s efforts trying to organize the kids’ toys with plastic bins, drawers and boxes.  Apparently, the system did NOT work for them.



The home owner asked me for help. She prefers to conceal most of the toys because this playroom is also a family room where guests would visit and stay. So I came up with this design using the IKEA children’s furniture. They provide good storage with drawers, shelves and doors. The quality is good and it’s easy to use, even for the kids.

女主人找上 Sunny 幫忙,因為這個空間同時也是 family room, 會招待客人的地方,所以女主人希望做隱藏式的收納,讓玩具不要完全暴露出來。 Sunny 選擇這套質感材料都很好的 IKEA 兒童家具來做收納組合的設計,利用大小深淺不同的抽屜與櫃子,來收納所有的玩具。抽屜都非常容易拉開,所以連小朋友也能自己取放玩具。


We decided to paint the wall to give the white furniture a good contrast. The mom and two boys picked this fresh lemon green color. :-)


After organizing all the toys in the storage system and displayed  the toy cars as well as the assembled lego sets on the shelves,  the wall still feels kind of “empty” to me.  I decided to add some wall decals to make the space more playful and fun for the kids. As soon as I found Despicable Me 2 Wall Stickers & Despicable Me 2 Minions Giant Peel And Stick Giant Wall Decals on Amazon, I knew I have the winners!  These Minions are so cute and the sizes are perfect for the space.

把所有的玩具收納到新的系統,並且把玩具車和組合好的樂高展示於展示架上之後, sunny 還是覺得牆面有點太空洞,缺少了些什麼。所以 sunny 就決定在牆上加一些壁貼,當我在 Amazon 搜尋的時候,找到這些可愛的黃色小小兵壁貼Despicable Me 2 Wall Stickers & Despicable Me 2 Minions Giant Peel And Stick Giant Wall Decals ,立刻就覺得 “就是它了!” 這些小小兵不但非常可愛,尺寸也很理想!


This wall now looks so much more fun and the kids LOVE the final results! These Minions just make me smile! :-)

貼了小小兵壁貼的牆面,看起來生動有趣得多了! 兩個小男生看到成品之後也都超級喜歡的! 看到這些小小兵,都讓人忍不住覺得開心了起來 :-)






Inside the doors are board games.  I had the minion point to the label “Board Games”.

門後收納的是紙盒遊戲,所以在小小兵的指尖上,貼了 Board Games 的標籤 :-)



Take one more look at this wall in the family room – BEFORE



And AFTER! It looks so much better and now the kids know where to find the toys and put back because all drawers are clearly labeled. :-) The new curtains also give the room an up-to-date modern look. My client is happy, so am I!

以及改造後的牆! 不但好看了許多,小朋友們現在也都知道該去哪裡找玩具,用完之後也能自己放回原位,因為每個抽屜都貼上了清楚的標籤! 新的窗簾也讓這個原本看起來過時的房間,整個煥然一新,年輕了幾十歲呢!



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Hallway Closet Organization
Hire Sunny!

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