Sunny's working process
Kitchen Organization: Pull-out drawers



Sunny’s Project: Office Organization.
Sunny 的收納案件: 書房收納整理

The client moves into a new house, so we moved her office items and re-organized them into her new office. This the old and new drawers for her most commonly used stationary. Her new drawer is wider yet shallower. I reused the small tin boxes that the clients no longer uses. The boxes and the covers can both become dividers for this very shallow drawer and they’re perfect size for the small items.

The 2 larger dividers on the left are also recycled from small shoe box lids.

We didn’t spend any money buying organizers to organizer this drawer. We only keep the items that she actually used in this drawer and get rid of the broken/bad/unused ones. Also we relocate the sunglasses and papers to different drawers (the new drawer is much shallower). Now she has a drawer that’s organized and easy to use.


Sunny 回收利用客戶不要的一些小鐵盒,把盒身跟盒蓋都回收利用,拿來裝一些小文具。左邊兩個收納盒,也是回收小鞋盒的蓋子再利用。


相信很多人都有一樣的問題,桌上或抽屜裡有幾十支筆,可是要用的時候,常常拿到的都是沒水的筆,或是很難寫的筆。建議大家,只留下你最愛用的那幾支基本款 在筆筒裡/抽屜裡,把壞的,沒水的全部扔掉。至於還可以用的,先全部集中到另外的地方,找個小盒子或桶子裝起來,當成備用的庫存,只有在你常用的筆已經用 到沒水丟掉了,才再拿出一支備用的筆出來用,一次只換一支。這麼一來,雖然你筆筒裡的筆看起來好像變得很少了,可是每次拿出來的每一支都是好用的筆!

Sunny's working process
Kitchen Organization: Pull-out drawers

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