Kitchen Drawer Organization
Office Drawer Organization


Sunny’s working process:

I’d like to share a photo of how my working process is like BEFORE the actual work day.

Prior to the 1st work day, I had taken many pictures and all the measurement, so I can study them over and over at home. I even labeled all the kitchen cabinets with masking tape temporarily so that I could list all the measurement for every cabinet/drawer correctly on my notebook.

I had the print-outs of the whole area on my desk, so that I could make notes or drawings directly on the paper. I also have the digital images on my computer monitor, so I can enlarge the pictures to see what’s in each cabinet in order to estimate how many containers we need to purchase (and the sizes, styles of the containers..)

I also have my notebook to write down all the items to be organized, and the shopping list.

Nothing fancy, nothing high tech, but a lot of thinking, planning, hard work, and a sincere wish to create a better living spaces for my client.

Sunny 的工作過程之一:

努力為客戶設計出最好用有效率的廚房收納。一邊看電腦 (可以放大看清裡面的東西),一邊看印出來的圖 (可以直接在紙上標註),一邊做筆記 (哪些東西需要被收納到哪裡)。





Below are the finished work:






conrad-kitchen drawer


Kitchen Drawer Organization
Office Drawer Organization

Posted On : 9:13 PM May 31, 2014

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