Organize with containers
Sunny's working process

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Here I am going to show how I use dividers to organize 2 drawers from the same kitchen.


For this particular drawer, there was already a divider tray in it. However, the tray is not large enough and the drawer space was not best utilized.

I bought 2 extra dividers of the same brand to fit the left side of drawer space. By adding these 2 dividers, not only we can have better use of the space, the trays are less likely to move around because they fit tighter in the drawer.

I work with my client’s budget and try to re-use the containers/organizers they have. In this case, I use what homeowner already had and make it work better.

這個抽屜本來已經有一個抽屜分隔收納盒,但是尺寸不夠大,左邊還留有許多的空間。 Sunny 幫客戶選購了同一個牌子的收納盒,加了兩個常條型的盒子在左邊,可以更好的利用現有的空間,也可以讓分隔盒靠得比較緊密,比較不會在開關抽屜的時候造成移動。




There was no organizer for this drawer, I found this extendable drawer divider that can be extended to make it longer and wider. It’s a perfect solution for this particular drawer!


Organize with containers
Sunny's working process

Posted On : 8:53 PM June 2, 2014

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