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Karen Office-2

Sunny’s Project – Home Office Makeover
Sunny designed and put in new organizing system to make this home office function better. New cube storage units and hanging file drawers were added.

Sunny 的工作案件 – 電腦房大改造
Sunny 為客戶設計了新的收納系統,讓這個電腦房在使用上更有效率。增加了新的格狀收納櫃,以及檔案抽屜櫃。

Karen Office-3


Why is “storage system” so important? An “After picture” says a thousand words.

為什麼 “收納系統” 這麼重要? 看看改造後的照片就知道 


Karen Office-1

Goodwill Donations
Organize with containers

Posted On : 10:33 PM June 25, 2014

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