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Kitchen Drawer Organization


This was a small “bonus” project Sunny did for her client. Homeowner used to dump her photos, greeting cards, gift bags, wrapping papers and misc. items into her living room ottoman (with storage space underneath). Sunny brought in some plastic shoe boxes to sort her items into containers and then put everything back to the ottoman – organized!

The whole process only took Sunny 30 mins from start to finish. You can do this, too! Just remember “A place for everything and everything in its place”! Put like items in the same containers and you’ll find things easily!

這是 Sunny 幫客戶做的一個額外的小 “謝禮”。客戶之前都把相片,賀卡,包裝紙,禮物袋等等都一股腦丟進咖啡桌下方的收納箱 (可兼作咖啡桌/座椅/收納箱的客廳家具)。

Sunny 準備了一些好用的塑膠容器,先把東西全部拿出來一一分類放入容器裡,然後再把容器擺回收納箱裡,就變得很整齊了。全部從頭到尾只花了 Sunny 30 分鐘的時間就搞定! 你也可以做得到喔! 只要記得大原則 :”每個東西都要有個家,每個東西都要放回它的家”,善用容器來做分類整理,收納並不會太困難喔!

當然如果你還是做不到的話,歡迎聯絡 Sunny 為你做整理!

Home Office Makeover
Kitchen Drawer Organization

Posted On : 10:28 PM June 25, 2014

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