How do Sunny organize a junk drawer?
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Sunny’s Project – Girls’ Closet Organization
Sunny 的收納案件 – 女孩房衣櫥收納

This is a closet for 2 little girls. My client already purchased all the clear plastic bin/boxes from the Container Store and had a system in mind. She was just too busy to actually label the bins and sort through the girls’ clothing. I was there to help her label all the containers while she sorted through the clothing. Then I hung the clothes according to the types. Shorts, PJs, swimming suits, leggings and jeans go to the bins. Socks and hair bands/bows go to the drawer units.

Working together, we were able to organize this closet in only 2 hours.


我的客戶一邊分類,我一邊幫她打印標籤,貼標籤,然後幫她把分類好的衣服一一掛起來,短褲,睡衣,游泳衣, 緊身褲,內褲等等,都放入塑膠盒中歸位。襪子和髮飾則是放到塑膠的抽屜裡。







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How do Sunny organize a junk drawer?
Goodwill Donations

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