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Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen? Here’s how I organize this drawer:
1. Measure the size of your drawer (width, depth and height), then find the drawer organizer that fits the size of the drawer. (Try: The Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart & ?). I got this clear expendable drawer organizer at BB&B.
2. Empty your drawer and throw away trash.
3. Put the drawer organizer in place
4. Put items back according to their size, also put like items together.
5. Done! That was easy!

你家中有個專門放亂七八糟東西的 “垃圾抽屜” 嗎? Sunny 來教你收納的方法!
1. 測量抽屜的尺寸 (長寬高),然後到收納用品店去找到合適的抽屜收納盒 (相片中用的是可伸縮式的收納盒,可以拉寬去配合抽屜的寬度)
2. 清空抽屜, 丟棄沒用的垃圾
3. 把抽屜收納盒放入
4. 根據物品的大小,放進合適的分隔盒中,類似的東西放在一起
5. 完成! 很簡單吧!

Posted On : 7:55 PM August 22, 2014

kitchen drawer-1

Here I am going to show how I use dividers to organize 2 drawers from the same kitchen.



Posted On : 8:53 PM June 2, 2014