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This is a closet organization for a teenage girl. A shoe rack was added for shoe storage, large bags were moved to the top shelf.  All plastic bags from dry cleaning were removed and replaced mismatched hangers. Empty boxes were thrown away.

這是幫一個年輕女孩做的衣櫥收納。 增加了一個鞋架放鞋子,大袋子和背包都放到上層去,乾洗店的塑膠袋全部除去,並把衣架全部統一。空箱子丟掉。


Posted On : 6:21 PM August 24, 2014


Sunny’s Project – Girls’ Closet Organization
Sunny 的收納案件 – 女孩房衣櫥收納


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Sunny’s project – Moving Organization: Hanging Pants
Sunny 的收納案件 – 搬新家之衣櫥收納 “長褲篇”

I suggested my client to get rid of the plastic bags and those wire hangers, then we replace them with nicer pant hangers and just one single large cover for all her pants.

Neat and organized in her new closet now.



Posted On : 8:29 PM May 8, 2014



Sunny’s Project: Moving Organization “Hanging dresses”
Sunny 的收納整理案件 – 洋裝收納

These beautiful dresses were in the wire hangers and plastic bags that came back from dry cleaning services. You can’t see the beauty nor the value of these dresses in their old closet.

My client really wants all her hanging clothes to be covered from dust, so I suggested her to get rid of those plastic bags as well as wire hangers and replace them with sturdy, nice-looking hanging storage bags which can store about 10 dresses in each bag.

The dresses look so much nicer in their new closet and new bag! What a difference!


客戶希望所有懸掛的衣物都有保護套以防塵,所以Sunny 建議客戶把衣服搬到新家的時候,改換成質料比較好的大型衣物保護套,一個裡面大約可以掛上十件洋裝,看起來美觀大方,也比較方便取用。所有的衣架也換成統一的,比較整齊。


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Sunny’s Project: Move-in Organization “sweater organization”
Sunny 的收納整理案件 – 搬家之毛衣收納

The client had all her sweaters stored in bags inside the drawers. It was hard to see and hard to access and put away. Sunny suggested that she get rid of all the plastic bags and store them in “standing up” positions instead of “stacking up”.

Now these sweaters are in their new home, easy to see and use. And guess what? When things are organized, they look pleasant to your eyes!


Sunny 建議搬到新家後,把所有的塑膠袋去掉,並且把毛衣的收納方式,由原本的上下相疊,改成 “直立式” 的收納法,一件一件前後併排,這樣不但容易看出有哪些毛衣,也非常容易取用與放回。而且呢,東西只要收納整齊,自然就會變得好看喔!

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Closet Organization Tip: The best advice I could give for an organized closet is to use same kind of cloth hangers! Even the inexpensive white plastic hangers can make a HUGE difference!


Posted On : 10:43 AM February 11, 2014