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Sunny’s Project – Girls’ Closet Organization
Sunny 的收納案件 – 女孩房衣櫥收納


Posted On : 2:07 PM July 5, 2014

Stefanie-kitchen file

Sunny’s project – Kitchen paper organization

This small counter top and cabinet below is part of a total kitchen re-organization project.  To organize the papers, we purchased a portable file folder for the papers and store it under the cabinet. It freed up the counter space and hide the paper clutter.

Sunny 的收納整理案件 – 廚房文件紙張整理

這是一個廚房重新收納整理的案件其中的紙類收納整理部分。用手提式的檔案收納盒來收納原本廚房裡的各種紙張 (折價券,小朋友的作業等等),把檔案盒收到下方櫃子裡,不但可以空出寶貴的檯面空間,廚房看起來也整齊多了


Posted On : 11:17 AM February 11, 2014


Drawer Organization Tips: Use containers of different sizes inside the drawer to create “homes” for like items together. Use smaller containers between gaps for little items.

The ultimate goal for organization: “A place for everything and everything in its place”.

抽屜收納小技巧: 善用小容器


Posted On : 10:40 AM February 11, 2014