This is a closet organization for a teenage girl. A shoe rack was added for shoe storage, large bags were moved to the top shelf.  All plastic bags from dry cleaning were removed and replaced mismatched hangers. Empty boxes were thrown away.

這是幫一個年輕女孩做的衣櫥收納。 增加了一個鞋架放鞋子,大袋子和背包都放到上層去,乾洗店的塑膠袋全部除去,並把衣架全部統一。空箱子丟掉。


Posted On : 6:21 PM August 24, 2014


Sunny’s Project – Girls’ Closet Organization
Sunny 的收納案件 – 女孩房衣櫥收納


Posted On : 2:07 PM July 5, 2014


This is a move-in organization project for a girl’s room.  The client was too busy to unpack and organize the rooms after moving a couple weeks ago. She contacted Sunny for help and this was what Sunny did in less than 3 hours for this girl’s room.


Posted On : 10:03 PM April 23, 2014