This is a closet organization for a teenage girl. A shoe rack was added for shoe storage, large bags were moved to the top shelf.  All plastic bags from dry cleaning were removed and replaced mismatched hangers. Empty boxes were thrown away.

這是幫一個年輕女孩做的衣櫥收納。 增加了一個鞋架放鞋子,大袋子和背包都放到上層去,乾洗店的塑膠袋全部除去,並把衣架全部統一。空箱子丟掉。


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Sunny’s Project: Kitchen Organization

These cabinet are 24″ deep, so everything in the back of the shelves are hard to reach. Sunny installed these pull-out drawers for the client to solve the problem. After organization, the client can find all her spices, sauces or can foods easily by pulling out the wire drawers. It can be accessed from the front or sides.

Sunny 的收納整理案件 – 廚房收納

這個高櫃子的深度有兩呎深,因此放在櫃子裡面的東西很難拿取。 Sunny 幫客戶安裝了這些不鏽鋼製的拉取式抽屜來解決櫃子太深的問題。安裝收納完畢之後,無論是要取用調味品,醬汁或是罐頭食品,都非常方便,只要把抽屜拉出來,可以從前面或兩側來拿取

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Sunny’s project – Moving Organization: Kitchen Cabinet
Sunny 的收納案件 – 搬新家之櫥櫃收納篇

The client collected some used containers in her kitchen but they are not very easy to find and reach. In the new kitchen cabinet, Sunny added the wire baskets and use them as “drawers”. By adding these drawers, the containers can be sorted and placed in different basket. Instead of reaching the arm deep inside the cabinet, the client can pull the basket out easily and find exactly what she need in seconds.

這位客戶收集了一些用過的容器,但是在原來的廚房裡並不好取用。在新家的廚房, Sunny 為客戶增加了四個鐵網的籃子來收納這些容器,一來可以分類歸放,二來可以整籃拉出,容易找到東西,而不必將整隻手臂伸進櫃子裡去撈東西。

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