Junk drawer can be organized, too! With an expendable drawer divider, recycled containers, Sunny turned this junk drawer into an organized drawer. The rectangle container on the lower left corner is to collect the used/dead batteries for recycling per client’s request.

英文裡有個詞彙叫做 Junk Drawer, 也就是堆放一些有的沒有的東西的 “垃圾抽屜”, 很多人的家裡都有這樣的抽屜,而且往往不只一個。 Sunny 幫客戶把這樣的抽屜重新收納整理,在這個照片裡, sunny 用了一個可調整寬度的抽屜收納分隔盤,一些拋棄式的塑膠容器,還有一些客戶家裡不用的小玻璃瓶,把這個放電池還有雜七雜八物品的抽屜整理成一個整齊好用的 抽屜。客戶想要有一個放廢棄電池的地方,所以sunny 在左下角的放了一個長方形塑膠盒,讓客戶可以在換新電池的時候,順手丟棄廢棄不用的電池,等到累積到一個量的時候,再一起拿去回收。

Posted On : 9:06 PM April 23, 2014


Do you use chopsticks?

Do you wash your chopsticks in your dishwasher?

Do you have problem with the chopsticks falling through the bottom of the removable silverware basket because the holes are too large?

I have a solution for you! Cheap plastic craft canvas to the rescue!


Posted On : 9:53 PM December 3, 2013