Wow — what a gem in Sunny!  I had just moved and needed help.  Feeling overwhelmed we found Sunny on Google and hired her immediately.  She is extremely hard working, has great ideas, reliable and diligent, What a surprise to also find out that Sunny  has excellent design skills too!  My entire home is so organized, neat and tidy that I can find whatever I need now. With Sunny help our home looks like a model home! She is absolutely amazing, really!  Her pricing is fabulous too!  If you need help with getting your home, apartment, office, closet, garage, backyard, basically anything organized Sunny is the person to call!  I promise you, you will not be disappointed!!!!!

Mary P.
San Diego, CA



Hi Sunny,

I really want to thank you for all of your help with the organization of our house.  It looks wonderful!

Carmel Valley


bedroom-1 porch-1

The entire experience of hiring Sunny to decorate my apartment was fantastic.

After the initial consultation, she came over and listened to my ideas for the apartment, shopped for everything that I needed, and had my place decorated in 2 days.  My apartment now looks amazing, she was reasonable with her prices, and she was always on time and ready to work.

If I had to hire someone again to decorate my home, Sunny would be the first person I would call.  Highly recommended.

Jeff M.
San Diego


Tom-garage-wall1 Tom-garage-wall3-1
Tom-Office-wall1-final office-corner3

I must admit that I was new to home / home-office organizing. My office was so bad that I elected not to use it any more and went down to a local coffee shop and worked there. I am disabled and a photographer so working out of a coffee shop was not optimal. I show my work at local and not-so-local art shows and my garage (which was intended to be my show preparation staging area) was an absolute disaster area.

Sunny came in and tackled the garage first. We filled 2 dumpsters, then arranged and organized the remaining stuff in such a way that I will just back my truck up the the garage and load it up. Everything has a place. Inventory is boxed, labeled and ready to load. Before, I avoided going into it. Now I go into the garage just to admire the fine work that Sunny did.

The office was next and Sunny came up with ideas that are nothing short of brilliant. Now the office is a wonderful place to do my work.

I have had a little over a week to get accustomed to my new “digs” and have found that everything I may need is right where it is easily and quickly found. It makes it easy to put things back.

Sunny did a wonderful job. But enough about her work. Now about my experience working with Sunny. I found Sunny to be the easiest person to get along with. She listens, and is incredibly quick. Sunny has found a business for which she is perfectly suited. She told me it would take 5 days and 5 days it was. Sunny is honest and willing to work with nearly any budget.

I could keep going on and on giving accolades to Sunny but alas I will stop. I truly believe that you cannot go wrong hiring Sunny to organize your home, office, garage – whatever! All I can say to Sunny is THANK YOU!


Thomas J. Kelly @ The Fine Art of Photography


Red-livingRm TV-1

I’ll be honest with all of you..When we moved to our new condo in Chula Vista, Ca. I saw the MESS that my wife and I are up against. It was a lot!!..With my wife being pregnant. I didn’t want her to lift a finger, so I made a critical decision to ask for help online. I need an organizer!. The problem is, I don’t know if I can afford one, so I went on yelp/google to scan around and I was shocked to find out how much they cost!!..I became hesitant, until I found Sunny!…

Sunny is a very knowledgeable person with a positive attitude. She produces exceptional work and requires no supervision. She is dedicated to her projects in providing high quality organization/ decoration/ interior designs and does so with a very pleasant demeanor. Sunny even met me the same day when I called her and received an excellent quote! I told myself, I can afford this, this is a great INVESTMENT! and I was right!..

We trusted her so much, that I even gave her a key to our condo so she can continue with her work without us disrupting her projects. Together with her assistant Carlos, they moved with a purpose! Her motto is “If my clients are happy, I’m happy! “ It’s funny because as a NAVY CORPSMAN. That is my motto too for my patients!!..It wasn’t easy, but she is determined in finishing what she started. She will keep you up to date on the progress of the projects and she will go above and beyond in making YOU happy!

Now, my family is enjoying a lovely, fully decorated, well organized home that we can enjoy for years to come. We also had a lot of compliments from our families overseas that they even asked to come live with us! LOL. In the end, not only we have our dream condo, but on top of that we acquired a wonderful new FRIEND. Sunny’s motivation and dedication to her work and her friendship with us is far better than GOLD. Thank you so much Sunny for everything and I can’t wait to continue our future projects.

Ang Family
Chula Vista, CA

(previous review)

I give Sunny ***** (5-star) for excellent service. She finished this project within 5 hours! She’s awesome and we love her work. She goes above and beyond for clients. We can’t wait to see her again

Red Ang (US NAVY)
Chula Vista, CA


Home-page emily-office-bookcase

 Before I met Sunny, my life was as messy as the room. Sunny, like her name, brought the sunshine into my room and my life! She transformed our study room into an enjoyable working habitat. It was also a surprising gift for my husband who spent most of his time doing business traveling. When this day came, I had his eye covered and led him to the study room, he couldn’t believe what lays in front of his very eye, he almost bursted into tear (I mean, literally), he probably thought that he was in someone else’s house or what. Sunny is the greatest professional organizer I’ve ever met. I highly recommend anyone who needs to sort their rooms or lives through her!

Emily S.
Los Angeles, CA



I’m very pleased to recommend Sunny Juan, as a professional and top-notch organizer.  She was instrumental in helping me prepare my classroom by setting up a clear system that I will be able to maintain throughout the school year. Sunny labeled each cabinet and container, creating a structure that helps me start each day in a positive way. One of the things I most appreciated about her work is that her labeling system is clear to guests and parent volunteers.  No time is lost in explaining where materials are located. THANK YOU, Sunny for helping me to start the school year with a coordinated, clean, and orderly classroom.

Cynthia R., Teacher.
San Diego, CA.


Kitchen-cupboard spice-lazy-susan

Sunny helped me clean out and organize my kitchen.  She came over with a well-thought out plan and was organized and prepared.  The amount of progress that we made in such a short amount of time was astounding.  I could not have tackled that project alone and I’m so grateful I had Sunny to help me get it done.

Stefanie B.
Santee, CA



Sunny is so talented at organization! I am an elementary school teacher. On the last day of the previous school year, I just wanted to clean up my classroom asap in order to enjoy my summer break. Therefore, I shove everything into my cabinets without sorting or organizing. At the beginning of the school year, I was so overwhelmed by all of materials stocked in my cabinets and didn’t know where to start. Sunny took care of it! She also offered me a lot of good tips to stay organized. You will be luck to have her!

Gillian C.
Santee, CA